Are you looking for a friendly and trustworthy dentist? At Kevin Holley DMD, we provide top-quality restorative dentistry in an inviting atmosphere. We take pride in restoring our patients’ smiles by providing leading-edge techniques and modern equipment. Our attentive staff will ensure your experience is comfortable, personalized, and rewarding every time! And did you know that Dr. Holley is a same-day dentist for dental crowns? With our crowns, bridges, and dentures, you can stop worrying about how your teeth function and your smile looks – let us help! You can trust that we’ll use the latest technology and give you excellent overall results, including CEREC same-day crowns. With our restorative dental services, you won’t have to worry about missing out on special occasions due to a lack of confidence. Call us today or visit our website to book an appointment now! We look forward to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams!   Why CEREC Same-Day Crowns Can Be Better Than Traditional Crowns Are you in need of a dental crown? If so, it’s essential to consider all the options available to you. Traditional dental crowns can take multiple appointments and weeks to complete, while same-day dental crowns can take a single day. Let’s look at some of the benefits of same-day dental crowns. Faster Process The most apparent benefit of same-day dental crowns is that they are completed much faster than traditional crowns. With traditional crowns, there is often an additional wait time for the permanent restoration after impressions have been taken and sent to a lab for fabrication. In contrast, with same-day dental crowns, the entire process—including preparation and placement—takes place in a single visit. Single-day placement means you won’t have to worry about making multiple trips to our office and waiting weeks or months for your permanent restoration to return from the lab. More Accurate Results Same-day dentistry also offers more accurate results than traditional dentistry. These results are because modern technology like CEREC CAD/CAM allows us to fabricate beautiful restorations in our office using digital impressions rather than physical ones. Digital impressions are much more accurate than physical molds because they capture every detail in 3D instead of just 2D, resulting in restorations that fit better and last longer. Better Aesthetics Finally, same-day dentistry allows us to offer our patients beautiful yet durable restorations made from high-quality materials like porcelain or zirconia that match their natural teeth perfectly. Because we fabricate these restorations right here in our office instead of relying on outside labs, we can ensure they match the color and shape of your existing teeth for an aesthetically pleasing result that looks as good as it functions! Affordable Cost If you need a crown, you may be surprised to learn that same-day crowns can cost less than traditional crowns. As your dental team, we are committed to providing the best care with financial responsibility in mind. Same-day crowns allow us to get you the smile you need while minimizing time away from work or family and with reduced overall costs. We understand that cost is often essential in procedures like crowns, and we’re happy to provide this convenience and budget care. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about whether same-day crowns are a possible solution for your smile needs!   Your Same-Day Dentist for Dental Crowns in Greenville, North Carolina At Kevin Holley DMD, everyone deserves access to quality dental care that meets their needs and schedule requirements. That’s why we offer same-day dentistry services for patients who need them! With same-day dentistry services, we can provide beautiful yet durable restorations made from high-quality materials so you can return to your life quickly without sacrificing quality or aesthetics. And same-day crowns are just as long-lasting and durable as traditional crowns. To look into our same-day dentistry and find out if it’s right for you, call us today!  We look forward to helping you achieve your perfect smile!