Root Canal Therapy

Root canals are tiny passageways that branch off from beneath the top of the tooth, coursing their way vertically downward, until they reach the tip of the root.
Have a toothache? It may be time for a root canal. After all, root canal therapy is highly commonplace, with over 15 million yearly procedures in the US. To support this battle against infected teeth, Dr. Kevin Holly and our team proudly offer their expertise, technology, and tools to help safeguard your teeth against infection. We provide a safe, effective method for anyone looking for root canal in Greenville, NC

What is Root Canal Therapy? 

Root canal therapy focuses on cleaning, filling, and sealing the tooth’s interior. Behind each tooth’s hard enamel shell is a soft, pulpy center called tooth pulp. When this interior pulp becomes infected, it causes pain, sensitivity, and tenderness. These nerves stretch down to the base of your teeth, connecting them to the jaw.

We drill into the tooth with root canal therapy to access and remove the infected pulp. After cleaning all traces of harmful bacteria, we fill the empty tooth with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. This will support your tooth and protect against infections. 

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Benefits of Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy boasts a large variety of benefits that everyone can enjoy: 

  • Virtually Pain-Free. Modern root canal therapy is generally painless. You’ll hardly feel a thing thanks to local anesthetics and current medication. While you may feel some pressure here and there, the overall experience will be comfortable and safe. 
  • Stop Infection. Infected pulp and roots can spread to the gums and surrounding teeth. Root canal therapy prevents further complications. Not only will the infection be stopped, but that tooth will be immune to later infection. 
  • Natural Looking Results. While we clean up and fill the tooth’s interior, the enamel will generally be untouched. We will cap the tooth with a crown or filling that will naturally blend with the other teeth. Nobody will notice anything different. 
  • Enhance Oral Health. The best part of root canals is healing, saving, and protecting the tooth. Not only will the tooth be disinfected, cleaned, and sealed, but it’ll also eliminate the risk of spreading the infection. 
  • Prevent Jawbone Degeneration. Root canal therapy leaves the tooth intact, which does wonders for your jawbone. Unlike tooth extraction, root canal therapy keeps the bone structure of your teeth and jaw. This way, your smile stays aligned and supportive. 
  • Keep Your Tooth. If left to rot, a tooth may become unsavable, and a tooth extraction is necessary. Root canal prevents this by fixing the problem early. 


When to get Root Canal Therapy? 

There are a few symptoms that may signify the need for root canal therapy: 

  • Tooth Sensitivity. If your tooth is especially prone to hot and cold, it may point to a more significant problem. If tooth sensitivity continues, it’s time to give us a call. 
  • Swollen and Tender Gums. Swollen gums may have been infected through the tooth’s root system. This is especially harmful, as the infection has already spread past the tooth and is affecting other areas. 
  • Tooth Pain. Pain may include constant throbbing, a persistent toothache, or other unexplainable pain. If your tooth hurts without a visible reason, it may be a root canal infection. 


Is Root Canal Therapy Safe?

Yes! Root canals are common and safe. All our treatments are FDA-approved and boost a staggeringly high success rate. While pain, swelling, and pressure may last a few days after the procedure, we have medication to speed up the process. If the side effects don’t subside within a few weeks, we’ll take another look at your teeth. 


Root Canal in Greenville, NC

Thanks to modern technology, root canal therapy has never been more available. That’s why we’ve invested in the most advanced tools to provide the highest level of care available. Dr. Kevin Holley and our team are excited to keep your smile looking and feeling great with root canals.

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