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Kevin Holley DMD is here to help you in a dental emergency
Dental accidents happen, and it’s essential to always be prepared. Keeping your teeth safe and protected is critical whether you’re a single student or the head of a large family. That’s why at Kevin Holly DMD PPLC, we offer the most comprehensive, up-to-date emergency care. We use advanced technology and techniques to provide the best emergency dentist in Greenville, NC

What is Emergency Dentistry?

Emergency dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on sudden accidents, trauma, and bleeding. An emergency dentist is trained to give immediate, expert care. They are qualified to make a quick diagnosis and treatment. Unlike general dentists who always require appointments, many emergency dentists take walk-ins. 

What Qualifies as a Dental Emergency? 

  • Knocked-out Teeth. If a tooth is knocked out with physical force, it’s a dental emergency. With proper speed and care, it’s possible to save the tooth. If this happens, do as follows: 1.) Pick up the fallen tooth by the crown (avoid the root) 2.) Rinse it off gently with cool water. Don’t use soaps, cleaners, or a rag to dry it off. 3.) If possible, insert the tooth back into the mouth 4.) If not, place the tooth into a cup of water or milk until you can see the dentist.
  • Bleeding Gums. If gums are swollen, in constant pain, or bleeding, it’s a sign of deep infection. 
  • Lost Crown or Filling. Losing a crown or filling puts the entire tooth in jeopardy. Because the crown protects the tooth’s interior from harmful bacteria, it’s essential to prevent decay and infection. If this happens, contact us immediately. 
  • Tooth Abscess. You might have a tooth abscess if you have a severe, constant toothache that can spread to your jawbone, neck, and ear. A tooth abscess is a pocket of pus caused by bacterial infection. We need to drain it immediately, as it can be life-threatening. 
  • Food/Object Wedged Between Teeth. If a piece of food or scrap becomes stuck between your teeth despite brushing and flossing, you should see a dentist immediately. As stuck objects can cause gum irritation, disease, decay, and infection, we should remove them immediately. 
  • Broken or Chipped Teeth. Because each tooth is protected by an enamel shell, when the tooth is chipped or cracked, it puts the entire mouth at risk. Cracks offer a pathway for oral bacteria and infection to infiltrate the tooth. 

Benefits of Emergency Dentistry 

  • Quick Diagnoses. Quick diagnoses prevent further complications that would arise if the accident went untreated. Because emergency dentist in Greenville NC accepts same-day emergencies, they diagnose and treat the issue more quickly. 
  • Always Have a Plan B. You never know when an accident will strike. You want to give yourself and your family the best care available when it does. A plan for quick action will lessen the overall damage, increase the likelihood of success, and diminish the pain. 
  • More Affordable. When you handle dental emergencies immediately, it’s a win-win for everyone. Rather than delaying treatment and complicating the issue, we can jump right on the problem and solve it while it’s still fresh. 

What Treatments are Used for Common Dental Emergencies? 

Depending on the emergency, we have a variety of treatments to keep your teeth bright, fresh, and healthy. Our procedures may include root canal treatment, dental fillings, extractions, irrigations, splinting, reimplantations, and antibiotic therapy. We’ll go through each available process to ensure you have the most effective, comfortable treatment possible. 

Emergency Dentist in Greenville, NC

With emergency dentistry, you never have to worry about your teeth’s safety. Dr. Kevin Holly and our expert team have decades of experience. 

Contact us today for further information. 

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